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Coconut Drop Syrup

Coconut Drop Syrup

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-Naturally Flavored Syrup - No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives

-Use for coffee, tea, pancakes, matcha, cocktails and more!

-One bottle makes about 19 drinks! (1 tbsp syrup to 8 oz liquid)


Coconut Drops are a popular Jamaican treat made with chunks of chewy coconut and ginger stewed in brown sugar until deep golden brown, sweet, and nutty. After cooking, the coconut chunks are then formed into mounds, cooled, and enjoyed by everyone- young to old.

This simple syrup captures the authentic flavor of Jamaican Coconut Drops and delivers a rich, caramelized coconut flavor with a hint of ginger.

Ingredients: Light brown sugar, coconut (tree nut), water, ginger, citric acid

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