Our Story

A Blend Of Culture & Creativity

While our owner & founder, Savannah Campbell, loved grabbing flavored lattes on the daily, she noticed that the flavors were often repetitive. So many caramel, French vanilla, and pumpkin lattes later, she began wondering how those flavors could be built upon. Drawing from her classical culinary arts training and Jamaican-American heritage, she started making her own coffee syrups and transitioned to making her own coffee at home. Adding a Caribbean flare (tied in with a little history) to beloved flavors like vanilla and chocolate created a sense of nostalgia and representation. And so Caribe & Co. was born…

Caribe & Co. is a celebratory story of Caribbean flavors through the lens of a culinary syrup - a versatile, all natural, flavored syrup! Our syrups are perfect for coffee, cocktails, seltzer, and tea, but don’t stop there - drizzle them over pancakes, ice cream, desserts, & more!

Driven by a lifelong desire to own a food business, Savannah founded Caribe & Co. in 2022.

Savannah Campbell

Owner & Founder, Caribe & Co.